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The large size of the SST Sales Department means that each of our customers receives exceptional individual service. It is our goal to assure that the needs of our customers are met in the most effective manner possible, and many members of the sales team possess advanced degrees in chemistry.

Every member of the SST Sales Department is committed to the highest levels of quality in customer responsiveness, professionalism and integrity. Their objective remains to make our customers’ jobs easier. The most important way we achieve this is by continuing to offer our customers the highest quality, most competitively priced active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from FDA-inspected manufacturers around the globe. We are also dedicated to providing extensive, world-class custom synthesis and/or fine chemical intermediate (FCI) outsourcing alternatives at the kilo to multi-ton level.

The Sales Department facilitates and coordinates the actions of each department within SST – Customer Service, Product Management, Regulatory & Technical, Shipping, etc. – so that our customers are served in the most efficient manner possible. The goal is, quite simply, to be the very best in the industry. Exemplary service has been SST’s hallmark for more than 50 years – and will remain so for years to come.

SST has prided itself on its customer service for more than 50 years, bringing unparalleled reassurance and added value.
For custom synthesis, SST represents suppliers that work with your molecular and technological specifications.
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