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One of SST’s most unique attributes is that we handle 95% of the products we sell. We take title for the products we ship into the United States and store them in our 12,000-square-foot warehouse in New Jersey, which features state-of-the-art handling equipment, a refrigerated storage room, specialized loading facilities and a DEA-regulated controlled substance cage. The warehouse is conveniently located near ports and major distribution networks.

SST’s distribution services are completely reliable and fully compliant with federal shipping regulations. Our import coordinators use a communications center to track purchases, inventory and shipping. Sophisticated information systems maintain precise shipping details that are regularly shared with our customers. We use our own fleet of trucks for deliveries within a certain radius – and for all critical shipments. For other deliveries, we work with extremely reliable, trusted carriers that have a proven track record with SST.

Our warehouse facility and related distribution operations ensure that the supply chain remains extremely secure, which has often averted potentially serious complications for our customers. SST also prides itself on anticipating the needs of our customers and other market factors, in terms of supply of materials. So if a customer finds they have underestimated their product needs, or if demand unexpectedly increases, we are able to seamlessly fill those orders with inventory from our warehouse – saving our customers valuable time and money.

SST has prided itself on its customer service for more than 50 years, bringing unparalleled reassurance and added value.
For custom synthesis, SST represents suppliers that work with your molecular and technological specifications.
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